About Us

We are the perfect partner for your success.

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our partners unique reality.

Magaras is ready to enter inside every business where it could be a real value. Thanks to its Co-CEO Miss Martina and Mr. Ramon, this company has a good vision of every industries where it decide to work with.

All our investment, are made to achieve the maximum results and increase businesses with more customers, turnover and profit margins.

  • Big network to boost every business
  • Keeping abreast of the most recent marketing innovation
  • A fresh and proactive approach to a new organization
  • We are quality driven people
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Executive Team


Ramon Addazi Gouveia Lima

Ramon was a pro basketball player in Italy. After his short basketball career he decide to enter inside the business world with his family affairs inside the wellness market. After 2 year of management of the company he started his own company Best Marketing Agency with his wife and business Partner.

His business instinct help him to smeel every single good business to cacht it and to start to work with. His background in Marketing and Development management and his passion for every aspect of design, are unique value for all his business partners.


Martina Stoppo

Martina has a Lawyer Bachelor Degree. She is an organized business woman that need to know every single aspect of her business. This help her and their business partner to choose which businesses are better for Magaras.

Martina has a killer instinct regarding the choices she makes when it comes to business. Her dedication to work, her rationality and her cold blood make her the ideal business partner for climbing to success.

Sometimes "After"
Became "Never"

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