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Elevate your import, distribution, or retail business by engaging in our meticulously curated Fashion, Food & Wine events.
Gain unparalleled access to leading brands and transformative networking opportunities. At Magaras we forge lasting partnerships and create platforms for shared growth and profitability.

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For the first time in the world a network dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to Importers, Retailers, Distributors and Resellers of quality products in Fashion, Food&Beverage and Wine&Spirits Industry.

We organize exhibitions to let you meet all brands in person. Thanks to our experience we understand your needs and can help you close better deals with International Brands in our network and improve margins and profits.


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2025 New Exhibitions

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why work with Us

Choosing Magaras opens a world of opportunities to elevate your business and boost your profits. For us the most important actor is you!


No more Unsell Stock

Thanks to our network, if you don’t sell the products, we can move and sell it to other buyers!


Consignment Products

Test your market with consignment selected products e decide to order after your test.


Save money on logistic

We will support you on logistic too. Thank to our network you can use our shipment and save money!


Exclusive Products

All Brands you will buy from our network, are exclusive for you in your territories.


Deffered Payments

If you want you can decide to pay selected products after you receive it or after some months!


It's Free

Join with us is totally free. No hidden fees or surprise. If you want to do business, we want the same!

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Brands Have Chosen Us

specific industries

Industries we work with

The industries we work with at the moment are as follows. Write to us if you want to apply for your industry.

Food & Beverage

We work with many Mediterranean Brands and companies of all categories.

Wine & Spirits

All kind of wines and Spirits. We only select the best companies.


Shoes, Apparel, Accessories, Bags, Jewellery.


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All importers and distributors are ANONYMOUS to save your privacy. If you don’t want to show your name, we respect you!


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