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We invest with our Services, Networks and Skills to reach the Success better then ever.

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The Company

Magaras is a Business Group that works in various industries with its investments and the equity’s holding.

It manage a portfolio of companies, creating value across the different industries where it’s present.

Magaras has a big network that give a real boost to every business it start with it. Thanks to it experiences, capability and effort, Magaras can create solid and competitive business.

With a strong entrepreneur culture it looking for new opportunities and new challenges.

That’s what Magaras is.

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The businesses

Different Market, different challanges.


The South-East Asia's Showroom dedicated to Made in Italy's products


The first and the only hunting marketplace in the world.


Import-Export, Digital Marketing and Marketing Consulting.


The largest Dna database created by Cosmetic market.


Distribution of innovative and exclusives beauty products.


Create big dynamics event/sport choreography in a minute.

The Global Network

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